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to marry michelle obama. i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states. >> former president bill clinton there firing up the crowd at the democratic national convention as he throws his support behind president obama. good morning, everyone. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. before we get to the convention, let's talk about the weather situation. humid, hot, mosquitos. >> i thought it was going away. >> tucker won't on vacation and left me with this. >> what's up with that? >> mixed conditions into the course of the day. just a few isolated showers to areas of the west through front royal as you can see and a little bit just to the northeast. can't rule out an isolated shower before it is all said and done across the area. let's look at the weather maps. 79degrees in the nation's capital this hour. 73 at baltimore. 72 at culpeper and 72 at hagerstown. it will be a hot day today, folks so be prepared. yesterday's highs, we hit 90 at reagan national airport. expect it to be 90 degrees today. back to you. >> thank you. >>> to politics now. bill clinton fires up
>>> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> president obama makes his case for four more years saying, quote, i never said this journey would be easy and i won't promise that now. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. time now to look at the weather. >> gwen tolbart is in for tucker barnes this morning. >> i know this is wisdom's favorite day. he was saying friday eve yesterday. >> that's right. >> he is excited. >> closing it out. >> we'll close it out pretty good because we've got sunshine for you today. expected to be a dry day and it will be a hot one know. satellite-radar composite showing you not a whole lot going on right now. we have a few clouds and fog well to the west but other than that, things are looking really good out there. yesterday's highs, 84 degrees at reagan national airport. 86 at dulles and 85 at bwi thurgood marshall. 72 at d.c. 69 at baltimore. so another hot day. 90degrees is where we're headed. a southerly wind flow from five to 10 miles per hour. we'll have no shortage of sunshine today so looking good. i'll h
for yourself and your kids and grandkids. >> first lady michelle obama make ago pitch for her husband at the democratic national convention. i'm sarah simmons jie. a wisdom martin. >> guess what time it is. >> talk with tucker. >> good morning. -- i'm wisdom martin. >> let's get started with a look at our rod arrest. it is warm and humid outside. we'll top out in the 80s this afternoon. we have a few showers out in western maryland this morning. we'll track those. that is actually associated with a cool front, not avery strong one. i think later tonight, the air will cool off a little bit and start to dry out. improvement is on the way. we do have some relief in sight. we do have more details including the all important seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> it is day two of the democratic national convention. vice president joe biden and former president bill clinton are the head line speakers. >> last night, first lady michelle obama and a rising star in the party had key speeches. we have a report. >> reporter: every day, the people i meet inspire me. e
record. on fox news sunday, chris wallace pressed obama advisor david axelrod about unemployment going up, income going down and debt rising too. >> just looking at the president's record and those statistics, david, is the average american better off than four years ago? >> i think those are the workers whose industry would have collapsed if the president hadn't intervened are certainly better off. i think that the millions and millions of young americans who have health care today who wouldn't have had it for the president hadn't acted are better off. >> reporter: it is a defense that was offered across many channels. >> can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago? >> no, but that is not the question of this election. without a doubt, we are not as well off as we were before george bush brought us the bush job losses, the bush recession, the bush deficits. >> people want to know about the first term. very simple. general motors is alive and well and osama bin laden is not. that is what got done. >> reporter: democrats are trying to build a huge gr
under way today. tom fitzgerald has a preview for us. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama got a first look at the convention podium she will be speaking from tuesday. president obama stayed on the campaign trail. >> of a he got one piece of advice for you about the romney- ryan game plan, ohio. punt it away. it won't work. >> reporter: at a labor union rally in toledo with auto and steel workers, the president said a mitt romney presidency would hurt the middle class. >> you could choose to give massive new tax cuts to folks who have already made it or you can choose my plan. >> reporter: the labor message continued in michigan as vice president biden kept up the anti-republican attack in detroit. >> they view you as the problem. we view you and know you to be the solution in america. >> reporter: but as democrats hammered republicans on the road, gop vice presidential candidate paul ryan responded in their own convention state of north carolina. >> we can either choose to stay on the path we are on, a path of debt, a path of doubt and decline, a path of joblessness, or we can get thi
the november elections. >>> a new poll shows president obama leading his challenger mitt romney. >> and the u.s. capitol is getting ready for the next inauguration. we are less than two months from election day and for more now on the campaign and the changes in the capitol, we turn to melanie alnwick. >> reporter: yes, prep rigs will get under way very soon here to get the grounds ever the u.s. capitol ready for inauguration 2013. it is scheduled for january 21st but who is sworn sworn in depends on what happens between now and november. here are the latest poll numbers. we are talking about the gallup poll of likely voters showing president obama now way five- point lead, 49% to 44%. mitt romney sent sunday off the campaign trail attending church with his wife and doing intense debate prep. he still managed to make news, however nai. pretaped interview, romney clarified his stance on obamacare saying republicans may keep some parts of the controversial health care law such as coverage for preexisting conditions and young adult children. the gop nominee heads to ohio today. eighteen electora
overnight. more are expects from morocco to indonesia. >>> on the campaign trail, president obama is at a private fundraiser in the district tonight and mitt romney is in ohio. >> romney was in fairfax yesterday. as tom fitzgerald reports, he had to cannes i'll moment of silence for the americans killed in libya. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate mitt romney's bus was met by cheering supporters at a park in the city of fairfax. but the event quickly faceed a detour. >> northern virginia could well determine who the next president is and i hope you make that decision to get me elected. >> reporter: romney said he was going to start the rally with a moment of silence for u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others killed in libya but did not after being heckled. >> a tragedy to lose such wonderful people that have been so wonderful and appreciate their service for the country. >> reporter: a man in the crowd yelled at the governor accusing him of politicizing the killings and demanding that romney apologize. man was shouted down by the crowd and removed. from there h
romney will be in springfield at american legion post 176. president obama is holding the rally in virginia beach. recent polls show the president with a slight lead in virginia. president obama is criticizing his republican rival for his recent anger over u.s. jobs being shipped to china. mitt romney has called china a currency manipulator. mr. obama says his newfound outrage isn't credible. he's also accusing the gop presidential nominee of profiting from companies that shipped jobs to china. >>> and mitt romney says massachusetts' health care law is proof he understands ordinary americans. he told supporters in ohio yesterday that he got everyone in massachusetts insured when he was that state's governor. romney doesn't discuss his health care law much on the campaign trail because president obama says he used it as the basis for his own federal health care law. romney says he'll repeal what republicans call obama care if he becomes president. >>> the virginia attorney general approved a plan to impose stricter standards on abortion clinics. the state board approved the regul
relationship with women. >> dear daughter, welcome to america. your share of obama's debt is over $50,000, and it grows every day. obama's policies are making it harder on women. >> the ad also point out how many women are unplayed and living in poverty. the ad also has the romney campaign in damage control. >>> romney's running mate paul ryan is set to spend today and tomorrow campaigning in virginia. ryan will make a couple of spots there. he's scheduled to speak at christopher newport university in newport news. then he'll speak at a manufacturing company in danville. ryan was in virginia last week. he visited harrisonburg and roanoke on friday. and this friday president obama will be in northern virginia. later this morning, you'll be able to get a ticket at the president president's campaign rally. tickets will be available at 9:00 a.m. on a first come, first served basis at the stadium. we've posted where you can pick up a ticket on the "news 4 today" facebook page. >>> this morning a shooting in spotsylvania county leaves a mother and son dead and a sister at the hospital. poli
in the newsroom. >> good morning. president obama has called the presidents of libya and egypt urging them to continue working with the united states to ensure the safety of diplomatic personnel in their countries. meanwhile, specially trained marines arrived overnight in tripoli as the fbi investigates if that rampage was ingood a coordinated attack. the u.s. consulate now abandoned was a villa in benghazi. killed in the tax was u.s. ambassador chris stevens. a state department information officer sean smith also died. u.s. officials believe the fire bombing of the u.s. consulate was a targeted terrorist attack planned for september 11th and not part of a spontaneous protest like another at the u.s. embassy in egypt where, again in cairo, there was rioting in the street. all over an obscure anti-islam video produced by a california film maker and posted on youtube. president obama condemned at tax and then went to the state department to mourn with employees there. hillary clinton said the libyan government was not involved. >> this was an attack by a small and savage group, not the peopl
week. he and president obama appeared separately on cnbc' "60 minutes" last night. romney clarified his comments about the 47% of americans who pay no income tax. >> i do a very good campaign. it's doing a good job, but not everything i say is perfect. i want to make it clear. i want to help 100% of americans. >> donors want to know, how do you turn this around? >> we don't need a turnaround. we have a campaign that's tied with the incumbent president of the united states. >> are you going to win this thing? >> i am going to win this thing. >> and president obama defending himself against mitt romney's criticism that the country is worse off now than when he took office four years ago. he told "60 minutes" steve croft the economy is on the road to recovery. >> we have 40 million new jobs, 500,000 new jobs in manufacturing alone. the question for the american people is do we keep moving forward and continue to make progress, or do we go backwards to the very policies that got us into this mess in the first place? >> the obama campaign is launching this ad that criticizes mitt romney on h
. >>> at 4:33, the race for president runs through ohio today. president obama and mitt romney are campaigning in the buckeye state. romney has to carry ohio if he has any chance of winning in november. no republican has ever lost in ohio and won the presidency. he appears to have ground to make up. the republican presidential nominee trails president obama by eight points in the latest "washington post" poll. he also leads in florida among likely voters. he leads by nine points among registered voters. romney's campaign doesn't seem too fazed by this poll. aides say they're trusting their own polling. >>> the obama campaign continues hammering romney over his 47% comment. >> when mitt rom inney dismisse 47% of americans for not pulling their weight, he dismissed hard working people making $25,000, $35,000 a year. they pay social security. >> this is the second commercial the president is airing that criticizes romney for what he paid in taxes while dismissing the 47% of americans who don't pay federal income taxes. >>> ann romney is hoping this will help her husband win over v
. >>> president barack obama and job nominee mitt romney are back out trying to woo the voters. romney is back in florida holding an event at his own campaign office in jacksonville. the president is heading to nevada where he will deliver his remarks to supporters in las vegas. we are just eight weeks away from the election and the race is still very close actually new "washington post" abc poll of likely voters has president obama with 49% of the vote and mitt romney with 48%. but in a wider poll of registered voters, the president has a six-point lead. >>> controversy at a local university over something a professor did in class. >> she breast fed her sick baby in class. it happened at american university and coming up next, details of the school's response and what the professor had to say about this. now, let's check in with tucker. >> another cool start to your day. temperatures in the 40s in some spots. i'll have the detail on your weather and julie wright has a look at the traffic too coming up after the break. he break.  anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but itit makes millions
. >>> with just seven weeks left in decision 2012, president obama seems to have the upper hand in the swing state of virginia. a new poll shows the president with an eight-point lead over mitt romney, 52% over 44%, and now more than half the voters surveyed says they approve of the job the president is doing. when asked who better understands economic problems, the president has stretched his lead back to 54% over 46% for mitt romney. yesterday paul ryan was in newport news speaking to supporters at newport university. today he'll speak at a small town in virginia, which used to be a tobacco hub, which has fallen on hard times in recent years. paul ryan is expected to hit the president hard on the economy. >>> and mitt romneyad a column today in "usa today." in it, he says president obama has fostered an economy that forces a dependence on government rather than an opportunity to thrive. this is doubling down on the comments released yesterday. they were caught on hidden camera at a fund-raiser in may. at the time, romney said nearly half of americans felt like they were victims entitled to gover
. aaron and eun, back over to you. >>> today president obama will speak before the united nations general assembly. take a look at video from two years ago where he last addressed that international body. the white house says the president will discuss several foreign policy issues, including violent protests in the middle east. mitt romney is criticizing the president for referring to that violence as, quote, bumps in the road on the path to peace. the republican presidential nominee is suggesting the president is downplaying the crisis. meanwhile, romney is campaigning today and tomorrow. his bus tour through the buckeye state will focus on energy and trade. romney spent yesterday in another battleground state, ohio. ohio may be key to his strategy. no one has ever lost that state and won the election. >>> vice president joe biden will be in virginia today. he'll be in chesterfield county near richmond. president obama will visit virginia beach on thursday. the commonwealth is one of the hotly contested states this year. the only states the candidates have visited more are florida and o
on foreign policy. he'll speak by phone with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. president obama is not meeting with the prime minister during his trip to the u.s., but secretary of state hillary clinton did sit down with him yesterday. also yesterday, netanyahu urged the u.n. general assembly to draw a red line to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon. he warned the world may only have until next summer to stop iran. the white house reiterated its commitment to stop iran from building a nuclear bomb. he says he stands behind netanyahu on this issue. romney hopes to focus on fund-raising tonight and bring in $7.5 million during events in the boston area. he spent last night campaigning in northern virginia. he met with veterans and their families in springfield. romney trails the president in virginia in recent polls. he hopes next week's first presidential debate will give him some momentum going forward. >> you don't have an opportunity with debates to talk about my vision with the country. the president will talk about his. those who believe they want bigger government, m
immigrants and deporting them. >>> today president obama will also be making a trip to florida. he'll participate in a similar forum with univision at the university of miami beginning at 11:00 this morning and will be broadcast online. he'll then attend an event at a private event in tampa. tomorrow he'll visit woodbridge, virginia. this trip comes as the president is trying the take advantage of some new poll numbers that show his job approval rating at its highest number in five months. 56% of voting age adults approve of the job the president is doing. that's the best number since just after the death of osama bin laden in may of 2011, but the race to the white house is still a statistical dead heat with the president and mitt romney being separated by only one percentage point. >>> today on capitol hill, the house government reform committee will hold a hearing on operation fast and furious. the meeting comes after justice departments inspector general released a report citing poor management of the risky gun graphicing probe. atf agents let the weapons be smuggled into mexico
. president obama will travel to ohio, where he's currently leading mitt romney in the polls. the president will make stops in columbus and cincinnati. during his trip, his administration expected to ask the world trade organization to investigate china's taxes on american made cars. ohio is a key swing state and relies heavily on the auto industry. the latest nbc news/"the wall street journal"/marist poll has the president up seven points over mitt romney. >> romney is heading to the west coast. the presidential nominee will say he wants fair and enforceable laws that will stop illegal immigrants from entering the u.s. in a recent poll among hispanic voters, the president leads romney by more than 30 points. >>> a deadly plane crash caused both campaigns to cancel campaign events. the plane crashed in pueblo, colorado, shutting down two of the three runways. the pilot was killed in the crash. a spokesman for the romney campaign said the former governor did not want to interfere with the ongoing investigation. he had an event scheduled at a local steel workers union. >>> how quickly things
virginia. >> what we need to do in my view is repeal and replace obama care. that will save over $1 trillion in spending. that's harmful for business. i think we ought to cut out and look at places where there's redundancy in government. the government accountability office has put that forward. i think we ought to embrace the ideas that will come from federal government employees and reward them with bonuses for cost-saving ideas. the long-term solution is not these band-aids, but the budget amendment. >> let's do three things. george allen voted for tax cuts when he was senator, and he voted for them to be temporary, for the reason was, if you made them permanent, you'd bust the deficit. it's time to let the tax cuts expire for those who make more than $500,000. if the tax cuts go back to where they were before, we were in the longest economic expansion in the united states. that will produce $500 billion in revenue. fix medicare. allow for negotiation for prescription drug prices, something that george voted against when he was in the senate. that will save $240 billion over ten
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